What’s the best way to use inkjet printer paper?

What’s the difference between EPSON high quality glossy paper and high quality glossy photo paper?

The quality between the two is the quality of the paper.
EPSON (high quality glossy photo paper), designed for family needs and design, a bright white color, very bright, its weight and thickness are comparable to real photos, there is a strong scratch resistant, waterproof, suitable for printing all kinds of high quality color photos and pictures.
The choice of “EPSON high quality glossy paper” and “EPSON photo paper” has no effect on the quality of the print.
There are various types of paper selection, mainly for its different paper printer color management file, choose a different color paper, playing out there will be slight difference.

What’s the best way to use inkjet printer paper?

First, make sure the printed paper is classified, used and characterized. According to the classification can be divided into ordinary paper, inkjet paper, photo paper, printing paper should according to needs to choose. The simplest and most common printing medium for plain printing paper is the printing paper we usually use to print all kinds of text files. Color inkjet printing paper, inkjet printing paper, the basic characteristics of the ink is fast, the ink droplet does not spread. The picture is clear, with certain water resistance, light resistance. It is better to record images or text on it. High gloss inkjet printing paper, high gloss inkjet printing paper, coating body for RC (Resin, Coated) paper base, suitable for bright colors, with picture effects of the image output. Have high resolution, generally in 720dpi. The printed images are clear, bright and bright, and have good light fastness and color fastness. Generally equipped with high-end inkjet printer. Matt inkjet printing paper, Matt inkjet printing paper coating for RC paper base, with moderate gloss, high resolution, suitable for photographic output of the image, bright color, full, good light resistance. Rich and full of colour. After figuring out these questions, it’s easy for us to choose printed paper as needed. Using inkjet printers to print pictures (or pictures of quality photos), you must use photo paper. If you are concerned about photo print, original photo printing paper recommended the purchase of printer manufacturers, EPSON printers, EPSON’s best choice of printing paper, ink and printing paper to form the best collocation. To print a picture, be sure to use photo print paper and print plain documents, so you can use plain printing paper.

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