What type of inkjet paper weight should I use?

Inkjet paper is specially designed to absorb liquid ink from an inkjet printer without diffusing ink and distorting text or images printed on the page. Inkjet paper is treated with special coatings to absorb ink, and still print legible documents, and keep the images vibrant and not blurred.

Print documents in a daily print demand and print on an inkjet printer, using a standard weight of 20 pounds to 24 pounds of inkjet paper. (if your document contains more than one image, select the heavier 24 pound paper to reduce the possibility of ink penetration to the other side of the page).For inkjet photo printing, please use the photo quality inkjet paper (smooth, matte or satin finish, depending on your preference). Inkjet photographic paper usually has a thickness of 24 pounds to 70 pounds.

You can’t use inkjet paper in the laser printer. Although inkjet printers and laser printers occupy each corner of the office, you can’t swap paper between the two.Ink jet printer paper is specially coated to absorb ink to obtain maximum readability. The laser printer paper is heated to withstand the temperature that the laser printer uses to fuse ink onto the page. If used in a laser printer, the coating usually found on inkjet paper will actually prevent ink from being correctly fused with the page. In addition, if the coating from the inkjet paper is melted due to the heat of the laser printer, it may damage the laser printer components.For all practical purposes, use the printer’s correct type of paper.

Inkjet printing paper is a special type of paper used in inkjet printers to make T-shirts, transfer or transfer images to another object. This type of paper has two layers: “capturing” the ink layer and protecting the second layer of ink before the ink is peeled off.To use inkjet transfer paper, print the image onto the paper.


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