The highest quality inkjet photo paper on the market

From our full selection of glossy inkjet photo paper, adhesive gloss, double sided gloss, various sizes of paper and volumes, you can continue several generations of photo quality print, and you will enjoy the results of your photos. Look around for the right glossy inkjet photo paper for your photos.

Adhesive gloss paper is a high, white, single sided, PE extrusion microporous coated paper with adhesive backing and silicone peeling pads. The adhesive gloss reproduces the soft gradient and highlights the contours, defining the true colors of the vibrant pictures, realistic images. It is quick drying, bright white and finished with pearls. Its adhesive backing makes it ideal for indoor gunnery promotions.From our choice of single sided gum back gloss cheap inkjet photo paper, all sizes of paper and volumes, providing photographic quality print, can last several generations.

Photo Chrome RC Lustre Duo 280 paper is a two-sided lightweight 10 mil microporous inkjet photo paper . Because of its coating on both sides (providing seal effect), it will last longer than any other RC paper on the market. This article applies to portfolio or any high-end art or photography works.

  • Apply to dyes, ultra chrome and Durabrite inks.
  • Waterproof, instant drying, light fast.
  • This paper lasts longer than any other RC paper on the market due to its double-sided coating (sealing effect).
  • A perfect portfolio or any high-end art or photography.

RC gloss cheap inkjet photo paper is a high quality, high resolution resin coated photographic grade paper designed for the highest quality color images.Specially designed for all types of inks (dyes, archives, ultra purity, Durabrite) and compatible with all brands of inkjet printers.This paper is highly waterproof and immediately dried.

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