Wholesale inkjet photo paper online

Wholesale inkjet photo paper has a quality range suitable for photographic reproduction. We store a series of paper for inkjet printing to meet your needs, whether you print contacts or want to direct the job to canvas. We have inkjet photographic paper in Matt and gloss and oysters, as well as fine arts, art, silk and Museum classic qualities.

Store inkjet photo paper at paper source! Choose the right photographic paper and remember to return in the life of printing amazing quality pictures. You will find the correct outstanding papers, providing a variety of ready cutting paper sizes or volumes and weights to meet your project needs. Enjoy our selection for professional photographers, architects, artists, as well as scrapbook business and photography, digital media, print media.

Making your scrap books and printing your photos on the correct paper are keys to getting high quality print. Like photographers, graphic designers need to print on top quality professional inkjet paper. The picture is everything, literally. The design looks great on the screen and now translates your work into a print format. Colors need to be popular and shiny like on a computer screen. Photo Paper Plus has all kinds of professional inkjet photo paper available, such as ink art paper, glossy, matte and double-sided paper. With so many choices, the hardest part is deciding which paper will make your design most effective. Your portfolio has to suffer losses at an affordable price.

Learn how to choose the right inkjet printing paper to get clear, vibrant photos, you can’t wait to share and display. Please contact our friendly customer service team to assist you in providing information and special requirements.

The artistry of traditional photography meets the ease and control of digital output. This white paper is suitable for dark black, trimming, tone grade and darkroom lasting effect matching. Designed specifically for EPSON Ultrachrome K3 ink, wholesale inkjet photo paper designs and creates superior and unique products in collaboration with many of the industry’s leading professionals. The exhibition fiber paper provides an extraordinary D-Max for digital photographers for black and white color conversion, while providing the ability to print stunning color photos. This design uses a soft gloss design that provides maximum resolution and color output.

Best inkjet photo paper on the market

Why don’t you try to print the best pictures on quality inkjet paper instead of putting them on your computer? We have looked at some of the best glossy inkjet papers on the market to suggest what the best inkjet papers

An instant drying photograph-
Genuine Canon inkjet photo paper has a microporous coating that quickly absorbs ink deep in the surface to prevent unwanted ink from remaining on the surface of the paper. The result is instant photo print.
Perfect gloss-
Canon glossy facial paper will have its ink depth below the top gloss surface of other paper. In this way, the smooth surface is always smooth.
A life long photograph-
Plus Glossy II inkjet photo paper is Canon LuciaChromaLife100 ink + perfect collocation. Canon Co’s FINE print head, ink, and Canon authentic photo paper can protect photos from the effects of gas and light to protect these precious memories and protect future generations.

Quality 250gsm HP advanced inkjet photo paper provides the same quality of appearance and feel with laboratory treated photos. This is a great way to recreate your best memory in frames or photo albums. Gloss, luster bring bright colors, increase impact. The material helps fix ink to resist water and dirt, so you can process your photos directly from the printer.

For photographic paper that does not disappoint you, provide glossy and professionally weighted photos, you need commercial white light inkjet photo paper. The purpose of this article is to obtain the best results from your digital photos and to provide you with the same quality as those printed by professional printing experts. The paper reduces the amount of ink flowing out, ensures the resolution of your image, and provides clear and clear images each time.

No need to worry about wasting expensive photo paper: HP white everyday glossy inkjet photo paper is economical, meaning you can always print your favorite photos at any time. The shiny surface will give your photos extra shock and help the ink to dry quickly so that you begin to enjoy them immediately.


High quality inkjet printers paper

Suitable for 5760dpi printing precision, color, brightness, grade, print details and good waterproof performance, high quality coating and base inkjet paper, used for image quality design, make all kinds of pictures perfectly all attributes. Widely used in office, business, home and other advertising design, graphics output, office documents and other fields.

Lucky inkjet photo paper uses high quality body paper and paint, and is produced and processed by leading manufacturers in the printing field.
Lucky, high quality body inkjet paper: smooth, white, without harmful odor, waterproof, without aura ink.Fortunately, high quality paint: this material ensures that the printing effect is full color and bright, and the area is gradual, with no harmful odor. The rapid absorption of ink, to ensure full color, brightness, color grade, no harmful smell, but other brands of poor quality material does not have this performance.International leading technology: the technology ensures that the paper white, smooth and glossy, uniform coating, solid, no powder, printing ink firmly maintained on the paint, no ink halo, brighter colors.

  • Do not touch the print surface with your finger when you load the paper.So don’t bend or fold the inkjet paper.
  • Be careful not to scratch the surface of the inkjet paper when you remove the paper from the package or put it in the package.
  • If the inkjet paper roll, flatten before printing.
  • If the inkjet paper supply mechanism fails to use more sheets of paper, one paper is delivered at a time.
  • The print may not be satisfactory because the ink or print mode is incorrect. Please read the printer manual and adjust the device settings accordingly.
  • After printing, do not touch the print surface or stack the other paper until the inkjet paper is completely dry.
  • Do not attempt to rapidly dry print surfaces with hair dryers or similar equipment
  • Do not use markers or highlighter in the image section. Such pens may leave printed matter discolored by water or moisture, and lead to confusion.
  • This inkjet paper is designed for inkjet printers and is not suitable for laser printers and copiers.
  • If the print image is not aligned, consult the printer manual to set the paper correctly.
  • Although high quality images are present on most printers, this article does not apply to all types of inkjet printers.