High gloss inkjet printing paper

Designed for any inkjet printers including HP, Canon, Epson, lexmark, Kodak, etc., including dyes and pigment base inks. Professional inkjet photo paper originally designed for professional photo developers. The high resolution inkjet coating on the paper can be used to print professional standard photos by printing on inkjet printers.

Professional photographers use these documents commercially, and domestic users can obtain these high-quality products at home. The photo paper in this range is European or Japanese. These provide consistent and consistent supply throughout the year. The range of weight ranges from 180gb to 280g for all applications and budgets.

12×12 satin photo inkjet size fits most scrapbooks. It has acid-base, and it has no lignin. Its dry surface is dry, making sure that your print doesn’t get dirty or smudge, and waterproof helps keep your photos and pages safe for long periods of time. The coating on the paper is slightly acidic to help keep the ink in place. The offer for 50 pages is about $38.

The specification of 640gsm magnetic high gloss inkjet printing paper:

  • Photo quality, gloss surface, waterproof, instant drying, applicable to 5760 dpi.
  • Brilliant color image and bright white paper.
  • Perfect color perspective and expression.
  • Used for advertising, office documents, holiday letters, posters, invitations, storage marks, instructions, photos, etc.
  • Suitable for family, office, shop and gift.
  • Suitable for dye water-based ink.

As China’s leading manufacturer of inkjet media, m force seven straight for all types of inkjet glossy paper, glossy paper, inkjet artist canvas, CD labels, magnetic inkjet photo paper, inkjet film and so on have been provide the market with high quality and competitive price. The material form was 2002. We can provide 108g to 300g of photo paper, all types of paper sizes and 12 “to 60” volume sizes.

This is a bright white, waterproof and instant dry face paper. Applicable to all water-based dye ink in a wide range of format and desktop printer. Very suitable for indoor use of photo printing, photo albums, etc. Many different popular sizes are available, such as 24 “36” 42 “etc.

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