High gloss inkjet photo paper is the highest quality

We recommend using advanced glossy inkjet photo paper to print a picture with good color quality. Professional high gloss paper is the highest quality, super weight and the longest duration, so it is worth taking the time to print the best photos on it. Finally, color resolution and gloss are important. Also, if you want to consider this article, the life of the paper is an important factor.

Dedicated to any inkjet printer, including HP, Canon, Epson, lexmark, kodak and others including dye and pigment based ink. Professional inkjet photo paper originally designed for professional photo developers. The high resolution inkjet receiving coating on the paper allows you to obtain professional standard photos by printing on inkjet printers. Professional photographers use the paper commercially, and domestic users can benefit from printing at home from these high-quality products. Inkjet prints are the origin of Europe or Japan in this range. These products are consistent throughout the year and are always in good supply. This range is available from 180g to 280g for all applications and budgets.

According to your needs, find the correct Canon inkjet photo paper, whether you are making professional quality studio photos in your showroom, or let your children enjoy creative projects. In A2, A3 +, A3, A4 and postcard sizes, we have high quality gloss, semi-gloss, matt and glossy inkjet photo paper.

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