Good quality 135gsm high glossy inkjet photo paper

Digital inkjet photo paper usually comes in glossy and matte finishes. what makes it different from the conventional office paper is its coating surface.
 Photo Paper Glossy Features:
Photo Paper Glossy
is suitable for all dye inkjet printer printing.Bright snow white, smooth feed in alll printer, water resistant and instant dry, brilliant color display. Widely used for posters, portraits, photo print, photo albums, manu cards, greeting cards and post cards, ect. Free sample for printing test is available.

High-gloss, bright white, resin coated photo paper.Print high quality photos for glass frames and photo albums.Smudge and water-resistant quick dry surface.Look and feel of traditional photographs.Also available in professional wide format roll sizes.Long lasting prints — preserve your treasured memories.Available in a variety of sizes — find the perfect paper for your project.Backed by Epson’s Satisfaction Guarantee.

it is coated with the emulsion layer,which makes water based inks deeply absorbed . This special layer quickly absorb the inks ,get dry in few seconds and provide good reflection of color , which makes the printing work much more easier and fast . so if you want to do DIY photos album ,our digital inkjet photo paper is a very good option .And if you want to start a digital printing business, our premium glossy inkjet photo paper is the best choice as it is most popular with its low cost and high efficiency of printing .

135g high glossy inkjet photo paper is one of the most ideal options when comes to printing draft designs and critial documents,as compare to nomal office paper, it is much more whiter and it is of refined chemical layer which has suitable absorbency of inks will not allow the ink spreads or penetrating to another side. 135gsm glossy inkjet paper ,is a thin type of paper , it is also widely used in making brochtures , flayers and menus.

High withness and brightness.Water resistant.Quick-drying properity.2280dpi-5760dpi.Good ink absorbency.Wide color range.Work for any inkjet printer.Workable with dye ink and pigment ink. What’s more,with 10-year experience in cast coating process ,we make highly refined emulsion layer the based paper and refuse any spot on it. thus its cost is a little higher than matte finishes,but compare to PE coated ( resin coated) , it is more cost effective , so it is widely loved by comsumers who usually do a large printing work.

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