EPSON high quality inkjet paper

EPSON is a highly recognized brand of inkjet printers and paper, and has been the preferred printer for professional photographers over the last ten years. EPSON has worked with many different manufacturers to create a series of inkjet printing paper for professional photographers.EPSON high quality inkjet paper is a kind of white coated paper, which can produce deep, sharp color and text, is the ideal choice of daily high resolution color printing. Excellent presentation materials, reports, newsletters, handouts, and color reproductions.

Ordinary office paper is about 80 grams (grams per square meter), which is a super heavyweight 270 grams, so give a very high quality and durability feeling. Use your best image!The best ink jet series we’ve ever had. It has been serving photographers and professional photographers since 2000.
The highest quality coated inkjet paper has excellent detail and excellent color accuracy. Instant drying, no stains and waterproof.Applicable to all popular inkjet printers, including Epson, Hewlett Packard, Canon, Kodak and Lexmark, etc.. Suitable for dye and pigment ink system.

High Gloss:Gloss inkjet paper is the most shiny and glossy paper you can get. Glossy paper offers bright and rich color reproduction, as well as maximum resolution, but may be difficult to watch in bright light, because it reflects light and causes glare.

Semi Gloss:Also known as satin finish, semi glossy paper is roughly between the glossy inkjet paper and the matte inkjet paper. It has the same advantages as glossy paper, such as bright colors and clear resolution, but it is more suitable for making or showing behind glass.

Matte:Matte inkjet paper can be coated or not coated, but the lack of glossy paper gloss. Because the matt paper absorbs ink, it doesn’t reproduce in bright colors, the printed images don’t look sharp, but it’s easier to watch in bright lights, because it doesn’t have that shiny reflective coating.

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