EPSON high – level semi – gloss inkjet paper

Buying inkjet paper is not as simple as it looks. But knowing what to do can make it easier to find the perfect inkjet paper for each project. The most important thing to remember is that different printers and ink can perform better with different paper. Looking for laser printing paper is the simplest, because it is designed for the use of carbon powder and thermosensitive printing for these machines. The search for inkjet paper becomes more complex because there are more factors to be considered.

In the face of it, the cost of inkjet printing is not cheap. But it’s fun to be able to print your photos and add an extra dimension to your photography. Usually, only when you finish printing your hand, you can really appreciate the image you have created. When choosing inkjet paper for photo printing, the choice may be confusing. In this article, I will list some important considerations to help you make a choice.

The EPSON high – level semi – gloss inkjet paper is an instant dry paper on the 7 mil resin coated substrate. The RC barrier can keep the paper vivid and realistic, comparable to that of traditional printing. It has a glossy and non exaggerated base that makes it applicable to photos, propaganda films, layout, portfolio images, proof, display and posters. It provides the maximum ink coverage by providing instant dry color ink to create high quality printing.

The latest inkjet paper is 285gsm portrait rag and 290gsm photo art silk. The portrait cloth is a kind of acid free, 100% cotton cloth, neutral pH and whiteness 92. It is compatible with dye and pigment ink, with a thickness of 0.51 millimeters. The photo art silk is also an acid free reception layer with a semi glossy gloss. The whiteness is 103 and the thickness is 0.48mm. Because of its completion, it not only has improved scratch resistance, but also ensures a reflection / mirror surface image to keep its scintillation effect.

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