Glossy inkjet paper is quick and dry-can be used for any inkjet printer

Buy the best option for a 13×19 inkjet photo paper for an inkjet printer. Low prices can save up to 40% of the cost per day. 13×19 is the most popular digital scrapbook size. Use an inkjet clip book for all your projects and get good pages while saving money! If your inkjet printer can use 13×19 inkjet photo paper, we encourage you to try it. For compatibility and quality assurance, inkjet paper has been tested by Epson, Canon, HP and lexmark.

Printing rich and colorful, daily photo project cost low, use recyclable paper. This glossy inkjet paper is quick and dry and can be used for any inkjet printer. Use HP photo authoring software to create photo cubes, newsletters, calendars and more. Print photo projects are affordable, using smooth, recyclable inkjet paper. Share interesting photos with friends and family. It is very suitable for the customers who want to use the economical paper to satisfy their environmental problems and meet the printing needs of their families.

This is ideal for accurate color representation and high resolution output. Kodak professional inkjet photo paper, Matte/ 230g is a smooth and neutral white frosted surface with no acid, which can be used in the long effect printing of pigment ink. The instant drying coating can prevent stains and prints and provide worry-free printing.
-Instant drying coating.
-An unacidic, persistent image.
-Smooth, matte.
-Compatible dyes and pigment ink.

Kodak professional inkjet photo paper, glossy coating specially designed, flat and smooth, almost no crimp, can smoothly, trouble-free printing production, and to make use of a wider color gamut and improvement of the latest generation of wide format printer ink technology Canon,Epson and HP.

EPSON high – level semi – gloss inkjet paper

Buying inkjet paper is not as simple as it looks. But knowing what to do can make it easier to find the perfect inkjet paper for each project. The most important thing to remember is that different printers and ink can perform better with different paper. Looking for laser printing paper is the simplest, because it is designed for the use of carbon powder and thermosensitive printing for these machines. The search for inkjet paper becomes more complex because there are more factors to be considered.

In the face of it, the cost of inkjet printing is not cheap. But it’s fun to be able to print your photos and add an extra dimension to your photography. Usually, only when you finish printing your hand, you can really appreciate the image you have created. When choosing inkjet paper for photo printing, the choice may be confusing. In this article, I will list some important considerations to help you make a choice.

The EPSON high – level semi – gloss inkjet paper is an instant dry paper on the 7 mil resin coated substrate. The RC barrier can keep the paper vivid and realistic, comparable to that of traditional printing. It has a glossy and non exaggerated base that makes it applicable to photos, propaganda films, layout, portfolio images, proof, display and posters. It provides the maximum ink coverage by providing instant dry color ink to create high quality printing.

The latest inkjet paper is 285gsm portrait rag and 290gsm photo art silk. The portrait cloth is a kind of acid free, 100% cotton cloth, neutral pH and whiteness 92. It is compatible with dye and pigment ink, with a thickness of 0.51 millimeters. The photo art silk is also an acid free reception layer with a semi glossy gloss. The whiteness is 103 and the thickness is 0.48mm. Because of its completion, it not only has improved scratch resistance, but also ensures a reflection / mirror surface image to keep its scintillation effect.

The best 90gsm / 24lb inkjet papers on the market

Water and paper mix well, but inkjet printers spray paper onto paper. With ordinary pieces of paper, the liquid sinks into the water and spreads like a watercolor, giving you images with blurred edges. Special inkjet paper with coating or special formulation can promote fast drying and prevent ink blur. Special media, such as labels or transfer paper, are often marked as whether to be designed for inkjet printers or laser printers. The laser medium is usually designed to be heat resistant. For example, a laser tag is covered with wax-lined paper to prevent wax melting.

Although the best inkjet paper has no special laser design, many printing equipment also adopt special coating or paper technology to improve printing quality. Because the ink is transparent, many inkjet paper also has a higher brightness, so that the paper will not interfere with the brightness of the printed image. Our large selection of large-format inkjet paper including used for daily office documents, drawings, designs, charts, maps, diagrams, posters and daily including the sign of a certain color printing of coated inkjet paper many brand, weight, and volume of paper sizes.

Opt for lighter coated inkjet paper or advanced heavy pound coated inkjet paper, which can process more ink without turning into wavy. HP bright white inkjet printing paper is one of the brightest and least expensive inkjet printing paper for daily black and color line drawings. The specially treated subsurface of the subsurface is immediately dry, consistent with a clear line resolution and high contrast color printing. Use it to make vivid colors and clear details of the professional look. In addition, HP bright white inkjet paper has a base weight of 90gsm / 24lb wood fiber base material, with a thickness of 4.7 mille, 166% whiteness, 113% brightness and 94% opacity.

There are many other inkjet papers on the market that are not on the list, just because we haven’t bought them from them yet. If you have a list of your favorite paper and want to provide some paper for testing, please contact us. Also, if you have updates, corrections, questions or comments, please feel free to email us.