High gloss inkjet photo paper is the highest quality

We recommend using advanced glossy inkjet photo paper to print a picture with good color quality. Professional high gloss paper is the highest quality, super weight and the longest duration, so it is worth taking the time to print the best photos on it. Finally, color resolution and gloss are important. Also, if you want to consider this article, the life of the paper is an important factor.

Dedicated to any inkjet printer, including HP, Canon, Epson, lexmark, kodak and others including dye and pigment based ink. Professional inkjet photo paper originally designed for professional photo developers. The high resolution inkjet receiving coating on the paper allows you to obtain professional standard photos by printing on inkjet printers. Professional photographers use the paper commercially, and domestic users can benefit from printing at home from these high-quality products. Inkjet prints are the origin of Europe or Japan in this range. These products are consistent throughout the year and are always in good supply. This range is available from 180g to 280g for all applications and budgets.

According to your needs, find the correct Canon inkjet photo paper, whether you are making professional quality studio photos in your showroom, or let your children enjoy creative projects. In A2, A3 +, A3, A4 and postcard sizes, we have high quality gloss, semi-gloss, matt and glossy inkjet photo paper.

High quality 4 x 6 Glossy inkjet photo paper 20 sheets

Glossy inkjet photo paper 20 sheets 4 x 6 inch packaging. Very suitable for printing pictures taken from your digital camera. This advanced inkjet photo paper is specially made of instant drying technology for resin coating to produce a high gloss image of a real photo look and feel.

This LD paper is waterproof to protect your photos for a longer life. Most other paper weight is only 200-240 grams, LD high – level glossy inkjet paper weight 260 grams. In addition, this photo of glossy paper is the most commonly used coating on the market. Your opponent’s best brand. High quality photo and full color graphics quality gloss. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

In the late 1960s, photo papers began to be made on either side of the plastic (polyethylene) laminate. These are called resin coated or RC inkjet paper. Add laminate to keep the print flat and reduce processing time because less washing is required. The top layer of the laminate is often colored white to make the image very bright. The back layer is clear. Historically, the term RC print is just a term for wet processing photos; However, today’s RC files are also used to make dyes and many cheap inkjet photo papers. This is done in order to print the look and feel of the pictures of the past. With the advent of digital photography, the term photographic paper no longer refers specifically to photosensitive paper. It still includes them, but it also includes a variety of other documents, all designed with graphic images.

Kodak professional inkjet paper, metal coating enables the user to make previously only in the traditional dark room used in fine metal printing. The metallic, high-gloss surface recreates the characteristics of the user – like dark – chamber paper for many years. It has a larger color gamut and higher on3dmax, to ensure that more accurately reproduce the color of the camera to capture, at the same time produce deeper, more rich black, expand the dynamic range and shaded area for more details. This cheap inkjet photo paper is compatible with all leading dye and pigment photo inkjet printers.

Inkjet photo paper 200gsm High Glossy Photo Paper

Inkjet Proofing Paper 190gsmDescriptionRPG190 is a microporous glossy photo paper that is ideal for proofing and superb photo quality graphics.The special coating is designed to achieve the maximum colour gamut. Water resistant, instant dry.Compatible with dye and pigment inks.

Cheapest glossy inkjet photo paper
Glossy photo paper from paper mill
-Stable good quality
-Waterproof, intant dry
-Dye or pigment ink

For all inkjet printers(epson, cannon, hp, nec, fuji etc.)
Suitable for high resolution printers
High quality photo printing
Ultra-fine print
Special coating for color printing
High quality reproduction with color inkjet printers
Clear & vivid image with bluish white paper
Sharp image when printing small characters

  • Weight: 115gsm, 135gsm, 150gsm, 180gsm,200gsm,230gsm,260gsm
  • Size: A4, A5, A6,3R,4R,5R, roll (other sizes available upon request)
  • Waterproof
  • Friendly to environment
  • High definition outputs with instant dry surface
  • High-glossy coating, super white surface
  • Be fit for all desktop and large format inkjet printers, including Epson, Canon, HP and so on.

We have factory in China. We are glad to provide brand name or do OEM inland overseas clients.We professionally provide our clients print media photo paper for digital inkjet output in legal size A6, A4, A3, 4R and letter size.The features of our products are high quality, water proof, instant dry, allpurpose, high definition and suitable for 5,760 DPI at most.

For the inkjet products, we have following kinds:
(1) PP series: waterproof self-adhesive PP paper; waterproof non-adhesive PP paper, non-waterproof self-adhesive PP paper, non-waterproof non-adhesive PP paper, glossy and matt. The regular sizes: 36inch*30m 42inch*30m 50inch*30m 60inch*30m.
(2) Photo paper series: waterproof self-adhesive PHOTO paper, waterproof non-adhesive PHOTO paper, non-waterproof self-adhesive PHOTO paper, non-waterproof non-adhesive PHOTO paper, glossy and matt. The regular sizes: 36inch*30m 42inch*30m 50inch*30m 60inch*30m.
(3) Vinyl series and PET series: cold lamination film, vehicle vinyl, waterproof backlit flax, golden PET film and transparent PET. The regular sizes: 36inch*30m 42inch*30m 50inch*30m 60inch*30m.
(4) Others: waterproof art canvas, waterproof banner fabric, inkjet silk fabric, art canvas and banner fabric. The regular sizes: 36inch*30m 42inch*30m, 50inch*30m 60inch*30m.
For the Self-Adhesive Vinyl Features:1) PVC thickness: 0.1mm 2) Total weight: 235gsm.