32 lb inkjet printing paper from China

Even in this digital age, receiving envelopes from friends in emails is still very exciting. Whether it is a greeting card, special invited or just say hello, 32 pounds weight of ink-jet printing paper is sure to attract the attention of the addressee, is a welcome change, from the classification of the law and advertising usually receive mail. For more paper options, please check our full set of copy paper and printer paper and more inkjet printing paper.

When creating a personalized invitation or note, choosing the right color of 32 pounder inkjet printing paper can set the tone to a large extent. If you are sending an invitation, such as beach party or backyard barbecues, a bright, lively and tonal can help emphasize a fun, relaxed feeling, and classic white or gray can be more suitable for more serious event.

Our 32 pounds. High gloss agent is a kind of inkjet coated paper. The cast paper is an inkjet paper that feels like a good piece of paper, not a picture. One side is the smooth surface, the other side is the rough abrasive paper on the back. Although we call this paper inkjet printing paper, printing on laser printers can produce excellent printing results.

This 32lb inkjet paper is very popular. It is a light, bright white paper with a glossy, reflective surface. The stock is also available at 8.5 x 14. This article is quick and dry, without stains, and provides high quality details on high resolution printers. Great photo prints, brochures, covers, proofing, graphic design, flyers, catalogues, and many other office and business applications that require high-quality graphics.

We do in the inkjet paper, paper type and size are very advantage, and our professional transportation policy, too, but we are the biggest advantage of our customer service. You can do some printing work per week, or less, or more, it is not important, we hope to help you to make every project, has excellent clarity, the peerless the attraction eyes, and the paper quality feeling, tell your customers, guests and colleagues, do you know the real quality of luxury.

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