32 lb high quality&excellent photo inkjet printing paper

You need thinner, lighter, more flexible pieces of paper to choose from, but you still need quality photos and artwork. These lightweight photo inkjet printing paper applies to Canon, Epson and HP inkjet printers. Except for 32 lb, all of them have plain paper on the back. High level Matte double inkjet paper and 45lb. Zeppelin SemiGloss. You can print quality on both sides of these products. The paper on the back is acceptable for printing type and writing.

Photo inkjet printing paper is ideal for printing photos of quality on your inkjet printer. The magnification of your favorite image will be like a traditional photo. Microporous design produces unprecedented image persistence and is rapidly drying. Glossy inkjet paper is a kind of ultra-high gloss paper. The size includes 4×6 “, 8 1/2×11 “, 11×17 “and 13×19”. For home printings comparable to the photo lab, please select the photo inkjet paper.

Buy inkjet paper – Choosing the right paper will help print amazing high-quality photos and lay the groundwork for a life of memory. You can find excellent inkjet papers that are suitable for your project needs, including a range of sliced sizes or rolls and weights to choose from. Enjoy the choice of professional photographers, architects, artists and scrapbooks of commercial and photographic digital media printing media.

The Ryman photo gloss used for inkjet photo printing is one of our heavier glossy paper. This is usually the most popular piece of paper, with a shiny sheen that gives the photo a vivid look. Glossy inkjet paper produces a printing that looks very much like a traditional photograph. Glossy paper reflects light, thus increasing the brightness of the image, with good vitality and vividness, and the color is rich and strong. Heavier paper is not easy to deform in heavy ink coverage area.

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