Cheap 6 x4 180 GSM, 230 GSM and 260 GSM inkjet photo paper

Kodak professional inkjet photo paper, glossy coating specially design, smooth and flat, smooth and trouble-free production printing, to make use of a wider color gamut and improvement of the latest generation of wide format printer ink technology Canon, Epson and HP. The next generation of paper has a greater color gamut and higher on3dmax, ensures that in the camera to capture the colour is more accurate, in the shaded area at the same time produce deeper, more rich black, expand the dynamic range and more details.

Inkjet photo paper has various qualities suitable for photographic reproduction. We store a series of PermaJet Inkjet photo paper to meet your needs, whether you are a print contact or want to transfer your work directly to the canvas. We have light and gloss and oyster spray paper, as well as fine arts, artistic silk and museum quality.

If you’re looking for the inkjet photo paper directly delivered to your door, why don’t you take a look at our sales minimum 6 x4 inkjet photo paper, very suitable for your inkjet printer to print photos or create the invitation, now can provide 180 GSM, 230 GSM and 260 GSM. Next is A5 paper, larger than 6×4, which can be used for flyers, invitations or photo printing can also be found in 180gsm, 230gsm and 260gsm. Next is the most popular A4 paper, which can be weighed in different paper sizes, 180 grams, 200 grams, 230 grams and 260 grams of paper. At present, our biggest inkjet paper is our A2 inkjet photo paper, which is very suitable for posters and impressive crowds. Next up is oversized A3 paper A3 plus paper. A2, A3 and A3 plus can provide 180gsm, 230gsm and 260gsm of various chip packages.

Silver metal cheap inkjet photo paper is a 10.4mm microporous RC Photograde bright white jet paper with a unique silver metal layer. This paper produces a kind of printed sheet of silver halide paper. Compatible with dye and pigment ink, instant drying and waterproofing. PROMASTER silver inkjet paper and all inkjet printers brilliant photography, P.O.P. output and general printing.

High quality 4 x 6 Glossy inkjet photo paper 20 sheets

Glossy inkjet photo paper 20 sheets 4 x 6 inch packaging. Very suitable for printing pictures taken from your digital camera. This advanced inkjet photo paper is specially made of instant drying technology for resin coating to produce a high gloss image of a real photo look and feel.

This LD paper is waterproof to protect your photos for a longer life. Most other paper weight is only 200-240 grams, LD high – level glossy inkjet paper weight 260 grams. In addition, this photo of glossy paper is the most commonly used coating on the market. Your opponent’s best brand. High quality photo and full color graphics quality gloss. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

In the late 1960s, photo papers began to be made on either side of the plastic (polyethylene) laminate. These are called resin coated or RC inkjet paper. Add laminate to keep the print flat and reduce processing time because less washing is required. The top layer of the laminate is often colored white to make the image very bright. The back layer is clear. Historically, the term RC print is just a term for wet processing photos; However, today’s RC files are also used to make dyes and many cheap inkjet photo papers. This is done in order to print the look and feel of the pictures of the past. With the advent of digital photography, the term photographic paper no longer refers specifically to photosensitive paper. It still includes them, but it also includes a variety of other documents, all designed with graphic images.

Kodak professional inkjet paper, metal coating enables the user to make previously only in the traditional dark room used in fine metal printing. The metallic, high-gloss surface recreates the characteristics of the user – like dark – chamber paper for many years. It has a larger color gamut and higher on3dmax, to ensure that more accurately reproduce the color of the camera to capture, at the same time produce deeper, more rich black, expand the dynamic range and shaded area for more details. This cheap inkjet photo paper is compatible with all leading dye and pigment photo inkjet printers.

Buy the best Canon high quality inkjet photo paper

Do you want to choose the right inkjet paper for your printing? Need to avoid inappropriate colors, reduce print resolution and dull photos and text? Well, you should buy the best inkjet paper. How do you know the quality of inkjet paper? Just look at the tips below and find the perfect one for your needs.

According to your requirement to find the right Canon inkjet paper, whether you are in your showroom in making professional quality photo studio, or let your child enjoy creative engineering. Canon inkjet photo paper plus half luster, is made of a silk satin paper printing paper. This high quality inkjet paper can produce excellent photos, less gloss and softer surface.

In order to achieve the desired effect, must match the type and size of inkjet photo paper, so as to make the inkjet photo paper used to print the recent holiday in many of the applicant or a family occasion images, printing office charts and graphs, etc. Achieve the intended use. Whether you need A3 inkjet photo paper or plain paper, it all depends on why you need it.

When it comes to buying high quality inkjet paper for your printer, you may be a little overwhelmed. Now all manufacturers can use it, it is difficult to understand which inkjet paper is the best. When buying paper, you should ask yourself. Is the price worth it? You should look at its various functions and find the truth in a simple way.