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Adopt imported base paper, stable quality, vivid and sharp image.High flatness: imported base paper is stiffer, brighter, whiter, outstanding smoothness, no paper jam problem.Glossy inkjet photo paper Water proof: chemical coating and polymer infiltration on surface can make it absorb water well and more protective.Glossy inkjet photo paper Strong absorbency: the porous nature of base paper can allow it to absorb ink quickly, dry fast, instant dry-to touch.

Professional premium grade: resin coated gloss, silk, semi-gloss, satin waterproof RC photo paper (microporous), from 180gsm to 260gsm; a unique coating delivers instant drying, superior water resistance and 5760 dpi resolution; designed for the highest quality continuous-tone color printing applications; excellent for premium photographic, graphic design and proofing applications alike; 100% compatible with dye and pigment ink, such as Epson K3, UC, Canon and HP pigment ink .

High Glossy Photo Paper is suitable for all dye inkjet printer printing. Bright snow white, smooth feed in alll printer, water resistant and instant dry.Widely used for posters, portraits, photo print, photo albums, manu cards, greeting cards and post cards, ect. Free sample for printing test is available.Custom other Photo papers  ,welcome to contact us!We will offer factory price for you.11  years manufacturing and exporting business experience of inkjet photo paper.Stable quality and Competitive prices.
100% waterproof, instant dry, up to 5760 dpi, perfect color perspective and expression;Suitable for dye ink and pigment ink;Ideal for all inkjet printers;Used for advertising, photography, exhibition graphics, Greeting Cards and Business Cards. Color Brochures, CAD Drawing, etc…Provides photographic quality prints in vivid colors.Thin and compatible with all series of Epson, HP or Lexmark color inkjet photo paper printers.Create your own personalized magnetic photographs.Great for business cards, labels and promotional items.Made of synthetic paper coated with matt waterproof coating;Printing image with characteristic of bright color and high glossiness;Tear-resistant with long durability;Excellent balance between color-saturation and resolution.Environmentally friendly, no smell and non-toxic.
Inkjet Photo Paper Roll is suitable for all dye inkjet printer printing.Bright snow white, smooth feed in alll printer, water resistant and instant dry, brilliant color display. Widely used for posters, portraits, photo print, photo albums, manu cards, greeting cards and post cards, ect.

Cheap price High Glossy Inkjet Photo Paper

High Glossy Inkjet Photo Paper High glossy inkjet photo paper is the coated photo base paper used for high resolution photographic poster prints, home & office photographic image prints, graphic-display prints, advertising output, business presentations, reports, flyers, designing, greeting cards, etc. It has good compatibility with pigmented inks and the images on this paper will dry super fast.

With high whiteness, high glossy inkjet photo paper can offer you the highest color gamut. Features of High Glossy Inkjet Photo Paper High glossy inkjet photo paper is a kind of cast coated paper with a bright white and glossy surface. It is an ideal medium for everyday photo print. It can give clear, vivid and high quality color to printed photographic images. Our high glossy inkjet photo paper is waterproof and the ink on it will dry quickly.Support high resolution up to 5760 dpi. This inkjet paper is applicable to all kinds of inkjet printers.

All printing processes have a range of conditions of temperature,humidity, pressure and dust particles in the air, that need to be taken into account when printing. Especially inkjet phoyo paper, that because it is very susceptible to excess moisture.

About printing with dye and pigment inks:If you print with dye and pigment ink, the ink will not be affected by UV light or pollute environments. If the printing is protected under normal temperature and humidity with a range of conditions, the paper will not present problems of discoloration, fading and premature aging.

Printer Compatibility:Suitable for almost Inkjet Printers with normal, dye or pigment based ink, including Canon, Epson, HP, Kodak, LEXMARK, etc. This matte photo paper comes in bright white, which is cast coated with inkjet materials to reveal a matte finish, making vibrant printed images. The back is coated with absorbent materials that limit the diffusion of the ink away from the contact point and prevent the paper from curling.

Suitable for solvent / UV/ Latex printing.Perfect ink absorption, excellent color expression, high resolution and fast dry. Waterproof, can be used for both outdoor and indoor advertising.Both glossy and matte surface are available.Easy cutting and application on a wide variety of substrates.
Cheap price, exceptional photo quality in an economical inkjet photo paper.